How Fairing Helped The Oodie Cozy Up To A Growing TikTok Media Investment

by Mitch Turck

In the right context, The Oodie is the kind of product that sells itself when it scrolls across your social feed. An oversized, fluffy marriage of blanket and hoodie? It’s like a permanent hug that shows up on your doorstep.

Yes please.Of course, to show up on your social feed in the first place, certain media dollars have to be spent. And for a global product at The Oodie’s scale, that’s not an investment to be taken lightly.

Fairing x MTA x MMM

Along with industry-standard tooling in multi-touch attribution and MMM, The Oodie employs Fairing as an attribution safety net, and as a ground truth lens on experimental campaigns.

One of those experiments involved delving into TikTok paid — a channel that often doesn’t present the whole picture through pixel attribution alone, given its proficiency as a brand discovery platform. Tanya Kaliszewski, The Oodie’s Reporting and Insights Lead, tells it best:

During the initial period trialing TikTok with limited spend (around 1-3% of our media budget), we were seeing up to 13% of Fairing survey respondents attributing Tiktok as the channel that drove their purchase.— Tanya Kaliszewski, Reporting and Insights Lead @ The Oodie

TikTok’s efficacy and growth potential is nothing new to Fairing, so it’s no surprise this ground truth in attribution data has since propelled the channel to one of The Oodie’s most successful revenue generators over the longer term.

Zero Party Data Insights Beyond Attribution

The Oodie also uses Fairing’s Question Stream™ to segment their customers for hyper-relevant offers (like birthday deals), and to poll specific buyers for answers to the org’s known-unknowns.

As regional upticks in plain-color (non-patterned) Oodies began trending, the team was curious about consumer motivations and intended use cases. So, they simply asked: “why did you buy this specific color?”

They were met with a bevy of responses, but the most prominent was that these more subtle Oodies were passing for professional attire among the work-from-home crowd — a “business casual Oodie”, if you will. This insight obviously framed the market opportunity in a new light, impacting not just marketing operations, but the product team as well.

Your customer knows best. The easiest way to innovate, improve and scale your product is to listen to what customers are asking for.— Paddy Kennedy, Marketing Manager @ The Oodie

To find incredible patterns in your customer data, get started with Fairing’s 14-day free trial. To put incredible patterns on your body, check out The Oodie.

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