Customer insights in minutes, not months

Your customers know what they want best. Transform their feedback into the blueprint of your next breakthrough with Fairing.

post purchase question showing product 
            research questions being asked to customers. product card showing product added 
            from customer product feedback
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Direct-from-consumer customer insights

Shorten research cycles and do away with the focus groups. Test new ideas with existing customers and bring products to market quicker than the competition.

figure showing how customer feedback through 
            Fairing post purchase surveys leads to product 
            research insights.
Powerful product feedback from the people who matter most
Ask your customers: “What is your age?”, “What is your gender?” and “What is the ideal bundle size for our product?” to gather vital product and customer insights.
Right question at the right time
Use our Question Bank of 20 methodologist-crafted questions, or customize your own from our 6 question formats.
image showing revenue increasing from 
            product research insights.
Real-time insights
Use Fairing’s Customer View and Live Feed to turn opinions into insights, and insights into products.
Follow-up after the fact
Thank customers for their feedback, and send them an automated follow-up or thank you through your ESP.
The Weezie Logo

How Weezie optimized a 7-figure ad spend and WOM referrals

Weezie is a luxury towel brand known for its soft, high-quality bath linens that blend style with comfort in everyday bathroom essentials.

  • Sales attributed to word-of-mouth
  • Advertising budget
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