Bringing speed & scale to zero party data

About Fairing

Fairing operationalizes zero-party data, so brands can stop renting relationships from third parties, and start building mutual benefit with consumers.

What exactly is “Fairing”?

A fairing is a harmonious surface, in our case designed to help DTC brands embrace the flow of their customer relationships. We create a sustainable, maneuverable advantage in the age of transparent commerce. DTC is growing; we’re here to help it to grow up.

Founded by Matt Bahr and Curt Hasselschwert, Fairing is a remote-first company, headquartered in NYC — and we’re always hiring difference-makers.

What it means to champion zero-party data for consumers

Our brands know that people are more than the stereotypes that ad platforms have thrown them into. Zero-party data asks; it doesn’t assume.
Direct-from-consumer insights are a ground truth dataset, and we treat them as such. The customer’s voice touches every aspect of the brand experience.
Fairing is designed so that consumers quickly see the benefit of providing feedback to their favorite brands. It’s the virtuous cycle of DTC<>DFC.

We’re forever hiring curious collaborators

We build the pipes, filters and levers that make survey data an always-on, proprietary data source enhancing the entire martech ecosystem. Engineers, data scientists, customer success advocates and generally curious people are always welcome at Fairing.