Question Stream™ vs Surveys

Move beyond traditional surveys. Experience a smarter, more effective way to gather customer insights.

Upgrade from legacy surveys with Question Stream™

Question Stream™ Legacy Surveys
Seamless user experience

Customers aren’t asked the same question twice

Returning customers see the same question multiple times

Real-time data availability

Response data is collected and usable in real-time after each response is submitted

Data from incomplete surveys can’t be used

Question-level targeting

One Question Stream™ adapts to different customer journeys

Requires separate surveys for different customer segments, leading to duplicate data

Ask until answered

Questions are never repeated once answered

No way to avoid repeating questions to customers

One Question Stream™, many journeys.

Question Stream™ seamlessly integrates advanced targeting, state-saving capabilities, and personalized questioning for each customer journey. After using Question Stream™, traditional surveys will seem archaic by comparison.

The right question, at the right time

Eliminate the need for monolithic surveys. Question Stream™ delivers one question at a time, tailored to your targeting parameters.

A better way to ask

Question Stream™ remembers where customers left off, ensuring they never see the same question twice—unless you decide otherwise.

Category-leading targeting

Utilize Fairing’s Live Feed to monitor customer sentiment and swiftly convert feedback into shopfront conversion rate improvements.

More data, and better data

Question Stream™ engages your customers in the flow of answering, achieving response rates up to 95% by the third question.

Marketing and insights teams prefer Question Stream™

Save hours managing multiple surveys, and obtain superior data for your attribution models.

Expert-written Questions

Fairing’s team of expert methodologists has crafted a Question Bank of 24 questions, enabling you to get started in under 5 minutes.

Manage one Question Stream™, not multiple surveys

Avoid fragmented data and multiple surveys. Question Stream™ saves state, resumes where your customers left off, and presents a comprehensive profile of each surveyed customer.

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