Fairing x TikTok Announce Ad Credit Incentive Program

On September 19th, 2019, a Fairing brand received the first attribution response containing “TikTok” via a post-purchase survey. In the years since, Fairing has seen TikTok grow from an occasional write-in survey response under “Other”, into a formidable channel for discovery and conversion, becoming a full-fledged marketing strategy where more than 15% of consumers start their purchase journey.

From the first view, down to a purchase, customers are exposed to brands through multiple touchpoints before converting. When it comes to measuring impact, performance marketers have long seen a click as the only indicator of interest and intent. As users shift seamlessly across devices, browsers, and apps, creating more touchpoints, last click based attribution models and click-based conversions alone are no longer the indicator of action they once were before.

TikTok has partnered with Fairing in an effort to help advertisers learn from their customers through post-purchase surveys, along with a brand incentive to help TikTok learn more about its own growth. Our integration connects seamlessly with Shopify and your marketing stack, building a database of insights directly from your customers.

How The Fairing x TikTok Ad Incentive Program Works

The basics of this program are simple: on any Fairing plan, set up your Fairing TikTok API integration, and get $5k in ad credits from TikTok if you’re spending >$10k/wk. Brands spending less can also receive up to $2k in ad credits.

To set up your integration:

  1. Go to Integrations in the Fairing app and click on the TikTok integration
  2. Choose your question to attach to the API, and copy your generated API key
  3. Send that API key to TikTok, and you’re ready to go

One of TikTok’s goals here is to accelerate their exploration of reporting products for brands — no surprise given the platform’s content-heavy top-of-funnel influence, as evidenced by the fact that over 40% of Fairing’s TikTok-attributed responses carry no UTM or referrer data. With this ad incentive program, brands can now conduct more experiments across TikTok with confidence that holistic impacts will inform future advancements in the platform itself.

We applaud TikTok’s commitment to supporting Fairing’s privacy-focused integration for DTC brands. To access this program as a current Fairing user, contact tiktok@fairing.co or submit the intake form directly here.

Not on Fairing yet? Visit https://fairing.co/lp/fairing-tiktok to learn how we tell the marketing stack what it needs to hear, and fill the attribution gaps for thousands of DTC brands.

There is literally no other way I’m aware of to truly understand the impact of TikTok other than to ask your customers at checkout.
Ryan Pamplin, Co-Founder & CEO @ Blendjet

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