LTV Analytics


Understand where your highest LTV customers are coming from.

Traditional LTV metrics rely too much on platform-reported data. LTV Analytics by Fairing combines direct-from-customer attribution data with order information to give you an LTV metric you can actually trust.

The only LTV solution that accounts for how customers say they heard about you

Paired with Question Stream™, Fairing’s LTV Analytics is the only product that takes into account HDYHAU data, giving you a more accurate view on LTV per channel.

Take the guesswork out of LTV.

Understand LTV by the channels that had the greatest impact on your customers’ buying decisions.

Move beyond relying on platform-reported attribution data in your LTV analysis.

Pair HDYHAU data with historical order information for accurate LTV reporting across:

  • Average Order Count
  • Order Repeat Rate
  • Average Time Between Orders
  • 1st Order Revenue
  • Lifetime Revenue
  • Average Order Value
Lifetime value cohort overview

Granular and insightful cohort analysis.

Break LTV down by channels, cohorts, and by survey response.

Fairing’s LTV Analytics gives you multiple views to slice and dice your data to determine the channels that lead to the most rewarding customer relationships.

Lifetime value cohort overview

Quantify the impact of your channels. Even the offline ones.

Customers that heard about you from a friend spend more, and stay longer—or do they?

LTV Analytics from Fairing finally gives marketers the ability to quantify the impact of their Word of Mouth and other offline channels.

Word of Mouth LTV

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