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Fairing Feature Bundle: Q2 ‘23

Missed any of our smaller feature rollouts this quarter? Get the drop right here. Archiving questions, auto-advancing responses, reclassified response analytics, and more.

Integrating An Effective Zero-Party Data Strategy With Your Email Marketing (From Opt-In To Post-Purchase)

Using a wealth of examples from Kettle & Fire, our agency partner SmartSites outlines a full-cycle process for using zero party data to optimize email marketing.
Zero Party Data

QOTD: Did You Read Any Reviews Before Buying?

Fairing’s Question Of The Day, ”Did You Read Any Reviews Before Buying?”, can quickly segment your customer feedback toward optimizations in CRO and attribution.

Produce Zero Party Data at Scale: Guide for Ecommerce Stores

Unlock the power of zero party data at scale for your ecommerce store. Overcome challenges, capture valuable insights, and enhance personalization with data directly from your customers.
Zero Party Data