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Feature Highlight: Auto Advancing Customer Responses

by Isaac Lee

This week, we explore the benefits of consumer insights with the Auto Advance feature, which simplifies the process of navigating through your Question Stream®. This feature ensures a seamless, quick, and direct journey for your customers as they answer questions. Consider this scenario: you ask, "How did you hear about us?" Once answered, the consumer moves directly to the next question without needing to click a Submit button.

Auto Advance is not just an optional tool; it's developed with your response rates in mind—a metric that is especially critical when using post-purchase surveys for attribution. This functionality ensures a swift and efficient progression through your Question Stream®. With the ability to customize this feature, you can decide on the pace of your survey. Keep Auto Advance active for rapid progression or disable it for questions that might require more consideration. This level of customization offers the flexibility to design the survey experience to meet your specific needs.

In today's fast-paced environment, Auto Advance serves as a critical tool for marketers. It's not solely about increasing speed; it's about creating a smooth and engaging survey experience that captures and keeps customer attention. Prepare for a new era in surveying that prioritizes efficiency and engagement.

The Benefits of Auto Advance

With about a year of data (and hindsight!), our product team has been able to quantify the value of Auto Advance for our customers.

Auto Advance Response Rate
TRUE 36.04%
FALSE 30.01%

Taking a look at the response rates for customers with at least 1,000 questions viewed over the past 90 days, we see a 20% higher response rate (36% vs 30%) for customers with Auto Advance turned on.

For one of Fairing's larger customers, a sample of over 110,000 orders also confirmed that Auto Advance had a statistically significant impact on their response rates, with a confidence interval of 95%.

How To Use Auto Advance

Convinced? Here's how to activate Auto Advance and take advantage of the significant increase in response rates and data collected from your customers.

Auto Advance Question Stream® survey response option.

Within your Question Stream, there's a toggle for Auto Advance next to Single Response questions. When enabled, it eliminates the need for a Submit button, allowing for uninterrupted progression. If you prefer manual control, simply turn it off, and participants will use the Submit button to move forward as usual.

We've also considered follow-up questions. By enabling Auto Advance for these, you can ensure they integrate smoothly into the flow of your survey. After all, the last think you want is for a customer to answer “Other” to a survey question, and not tell you what “Other” was.

Auto Advance Follow Up Questions

Getting Started

All Fairing customers have access to Auto Advance, allowing you to leverage this impactful feature immediately, regardless of your subscription plan.

If you're wondering about setup, there's no need for concern. Our support team is prepared to assist you through the setup process, ensuring it's straightforward and hassle-free.

Interested in a preview before fully committing? Book a demo with us. We'll demonstrate the effectiveness of Auto Advance and how Fairing can enhance your approach to gathering customer insights.

Your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions for new features are always welcome. Contact us at [email protected]. We value user input and are dedicated to continually improving Fairing based on your preferences.

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