We Raised $4.5MM To Bring Speed & Scale To Zero-Party Data

by Matt Bahr

We’re ecstatic to announce our latest funding round led by True Ventures, and supported by investors V1.VC, FiDi Ventures, Hawke Ventures, and Silicon Ventures, along with our wonderful angel investors and DTC leaders including the founders of Chubbies, Ted Wang, Harris Barton, Daphne Carmeli, and Casey Armstrong.

Most of all, we appreciate the support and collaboration of all our partners and clients. Collectively, many of us are aligned on the mission to make the consumer:brand relationship a more sustainable and symbiotic one — the Direct From Consumer Manifesto. To that end, Fairing’s success is shared success, and we’re proud to share it!

For those on the outside looking in, you can learn more in our TechCrunch coverage here. And if the direct-from-consumer data vision speaks to you, we’d love nothing more than to have you help us shape it as a coworker or partner! Please do get in touch, or grab a coffee with us in NYC.

For those who are brand new to Fairing, welcome — here’s a bit of background:

  • We bring speed & scale to zero-party data. We prefer to call it Direct-From-Consumer (DFC) data: the ground truth willingly shared by consumers, creating a virtuous feedback loop with DTC/Ecommerce brands and producing more sustainable customer relationships.
  • The Fairing Question Stream™ produces more responses in a week than many traditional survey products produce in a year (and that’s ok! You can still use your research tools. We’re different). We operationalize survey data: in other words, we integrate and automate consumer response data to produce an always-on stream of insights. We constantly nudge every connected tool in your brand stack toward customer lifetime value.
  • Our clients were among the first to recognize the marketing ROI of TikTok and Snapchat. Some of them already know what the next TikTok is. They learn all this from talking to their customers. We’ve had clients discover entirely new markets and revenue streams, just by asking customers the right question at the right time.
  • Third-party data was always dubious, but brands leaned on it because of its utility. What we do is bring that utility to zero-party data: speed and scale, future-proofed.
  • Our pricing model is set up for your success. Once you become a client, we have nothing more to sell you. We only benefit by helping you win, and that is our north star.

If you’re not on board with us yet, give us a try for 14 days with no obligation. In about five minutes, you’ll be amassing proprietary insights direct-from-consumer, and building a sustainable competitive advantage through the strength of your customer relationships.

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