Partner Program: Become A Question Authority

The Ecommerce world needs more of you -- the people who understand that DTC’s entire value rests on direct relationships with consumers, and that asking questions is the key to nurturing such relationships.

As a Fairing Partner, you wear the Question Authority badge to let everyone know you’ll steer them toward customer-centric success.

Benefits Of Being A Question Authority

Revenue Share

Revenue share across all plans for the first 2 years.

Own Offerings

Expand your clients’ proprietary dataset to enhance the value of your own offerings.

Access to Beta Features

Access to Fairing beta features and initiatives, including exclusive partner community engagements.


Promotion on our partner directory, podcast, webinars, and other public engagements.

Partner Library

Access to our library of success-building tools (coming soon) and prioritized support via Slack.

No Risk Value

Immediate, quantifiable, and zero-risk value delivered to your clients.