Fairing's Partner Program is now live!

by Charlotte Talesnick

Fairing’s Partner Program: Now Live!

Welcome to an exciting new chapter at Fairing! Much of our growth and success over the past years has been in no small part due to our partners, whether they are fellow technology solutions, digital marketing agencies, podcast agencies, or social media platforms. In fact, our partners regularly feature on the top 3 ways our customers come to know about Fairing (yes, we use Fairing for attribution!).

With continued shared growth in mind, we’re thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of Fairing’s Partnership Program. This relaunch marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to our partners, while offering enhanced value, structure, and a more rewarding collaboration for our partners and their clients.

With three initial tiers, our partners will have access to improved training and resources, better transparency and accountability through Partner Agreements and PartnerStack, as well as an increased revenue share per referred client of up to 20%.

Elite and Select Partners will also have access to extended free trials for their clients, giving them the time and support needed to onboard, collect, and analyze Fairing data as part of their regular reporting and attribution cadence in QBRs and weekly updates, before committing to zero-party data as a longer-term attribution source.

Across all tiers, our Partnerships team will provide dedicated support and strategy, helping our partners to provide value and win on competitive deals through enhanced attribution analytics and customer insights.

Want to learn more about the Partner program? Book an introductory call here, or join us on PartnerStack.

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