Insights For Marketing Automation Through Fairing’s Customer Feedback Surveys

by Micah Elerson

Insights For Marketing Automation Through Fairing’s Customer Feedback Surveys

If you want to understand your customers' needs and improve their overall experience, it's necessary to collect customer feedback. And while traditional market research is an obvious route to gathering that data, using a post-purchase survey is where you can unlock insights at game speed.

It's an ongoing conversation with your customers that builds a feedback loop with your customers, which allows you to streamline your customer journey over time.

To get the most value out of customer feedback, you need to act on it, and the quicker you can, the better. That's why Fairing pushes your post-purchase survey answers to your marketing automation stack in real-time, as each question is answered. Let’s get a bit more context on the subject:

Understanding the Importance of Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer feedback surveys offer a look into how customers view your brand. As someone who lives and breathes your brand, it can be challenging to take a step back and look at it without bias. But by collecting customer feedback, you can gain a whole new perspective.

It can help you identify where customers think your brand excels and areas needing work. This information lets you know what's most important to your customers and how you can improve their experience with your brand.

Ask the Right Questions to Gain Valuable Insights

You have the opportunity to ask your customers anything in a survey, so what questions do you ask ?

It's crucial to focus on questions that will lead to actionable insights. Fairing offers a variety of pre-built questions via our Question Bank to get you started, or you can create your own. Here are three examples of pre-built questions and the insights customer answers can provide:

How would you describe the affordability of our products?

By asking this question, you can learn about the relationship between your buyers' budgets and purchase behavior. You can use those responses to segment your customers by pricing sensitivity. Now you know some are deal-seekers and others are luxury spenders, two segments that should receive very different messaging.

A clothing store might send all of their new products listed at a premium price to their luxury spenders while sending deals and special offers on other products to their deal-seekers.

Was there any part of our store that was difficult to use?

If a customer responds "Yes" to "Was there any part of our store that was difficult to use?", you can use Fairing's follow-up feature to create an open-ended question and get real-time feedback on user experience issues. This feedback can help you identify broken site components or usability problems that need to be addressed.

As an example, an online store using this question might find out about design flaws that have a negative impact on the customer experience. As you address that feedback, you're making it easier for new customers to navigate your store and convert.

What do you wish we offered more of?

This question can help you learn what products to double down on and identify whether there are missed opportunities to showcase your related products or upsells. It also doubles as market research to inform vertical expansion.

For example, a pet supply store might only have one of a specific type of toy available but find out that their customers really want a selection of similar toys to choose from. The brand can then expand its product line with its customers’ feedback leading the way.

Customer feedback surveys are an effective way to improve your customer experience and ultimately streamline your customer journey. Fairing makes it easy to get started by plugging in questions from our Question Bank, or you can create custom questions to suit your needs.

By asking the right questions, you can gain valuable insights to inform data-driven decisions that ultimately improve your business. If you're ready to start collecting customer feedback, check out our post-purchase survey app that lets you start collecting data straight from your customers immediately.

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