Feature Release: Auto-Suggest

by Micah Elerson

Feature Release: Auto-Suggest


Imagine a scenario where you want to capture data on how customers discovered your brand. You ask a single-response question like, "How did you hear about us?" Sounds simple, right? But what if you want to clarify “Which podcast?” You don’t want to overwhelm them with response options, that's when Auto-Suggest steps in to save the day.

Auto-Suggest offers two additional pieces of functionality that go beyond the regular Single Response type.

  • Allows you to ‘bulk upload’ (copy + paste) response options
  • Suggests options to the customer as they type based on the response options you’ve uploaded

With Auto-Suggest, we're taking survey experiences to a whole new level. We believe in empowering both our customers and their consumers, and this feature is designed to do just that. Auto-Suggest is here to transform the way you gather valuable insights. Let's explore a fascinating use case that highlights the true power of Auto-Suggest.

Auto-Suggest Use Case: Podcast Attribution

There's hidden magic in how customers respond that allows them to unveil the unknown, to reveal what you don't know yet. It's the power of open-ended responses. Here, your customers have the freedom to share emerging opportunities, organic mentions, and earned exposure that might have eluded your radar. It's like discovering hidden gems, opening doors to channel diversification, and making inroads into new shows.

Naturally, achieving the perfect balance between previously unknown data and expected (structured) data is key. That's precisely why we developed our Auto-Suggest feature—to offer you the best of both worlds. When customers write in an open-ended response, they now have the option to choose from existing responses. Keeping your survey data clean and organized.

But how do you transform those open-ended responses into expected and structured data? It's simple with Auto-Suggest, copy and paste the new podcasts you want to add from a Google Sheet into the bulk responses box. This user-friendly interface makes converting previously unknown data into structured insights a breeze. Just copy, paste, and watch as your data becomes more meaningful and actionable.

With Auto-Suggest, you can unlock reliable attribution data, delivered to your doorstep on a daily basis. This is just one of the many incredible use cases Fairing offers. In a world where dark conversions often throw a wrench in marketing operators' ability to optimize their strategies, the value of this newfound attribution data alone is enough to see your Fairing plan pay for itself many times over .

Getting Started

Auto-Suggest is available to all Fairing customers, regardless of your plan with us. If you need a helping hand in implementing this feature, just reach out to us , and we'll be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Not using Fairing yet? Don't worry, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial and start collecting direct-from-consumer data today. You'll get a taste of all the amazing features Fairing has to offer, including Auto-Suggest. If you prefer a more personalized introduction to Fairing, you can also book a demo .

Have any suggestions or feature requests? Drop us a line at [email protected] and share your thoughts. We're thrilled to continue rolling out features that our users suggest.

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