Feature Highlight: Pivoting Analytics By Question Response

by Micah Elerson

Feature Highlight: Pivoting Analytics By Question Response


With the power to pivot analytics by question response, you can take one question's response and pair it with another question's response. The result is a new view of your data that reveals hidden patterns in customer behavior you might have missed otherwise.

With every unique pair of responses settling comfortably into its own neatly laid out row. And you can effortlessly sift and sort through these revelations, using familiar signposts like Response Count, AOV, and more.

Use Cases

Dive into the intricacies of your customers' thoughts by juxtaposing question results. And if you're wondering just how enlightening this can be, well, let's explore some captivating examples together.

How Did You Hear About Us? + Who Is This Purchase For?

Let's take a peek at customers who answered both the intriguing questions "Who is this purchase for?" and "How did you hear about us?" It's like shining a spotlight on the intersection of intent and influence.

Those who picked up your product as a gift (Buyers) come bearing a higher Average Order Volume (AOV). Buyers come in with an AOV of $125.21. On the other hand, Users stroll in with an average AOV of around $104.23

Armed with this knowledge, you can finesse your game plan. TikTok is your stage for Buyers — those folks splurging on presents. And customers coming from Influencers are the ones buying for themselves, the Users. So, tweak your strategy by channel. Tailor your TikTok messaging to entice the Buyers while arming Influencers with just the right messaging to draw in Users.

Which Of These Best Describes You? + How Did You Hear About Us?

A client, knee-deep in the world of niche electronics, was confident they were primarily catering to the 'professional' crowd. Their messaging, visuals, and even their tone were all centered on professionals.

Initially, they were under the impression that a whopping 3/4 of their clientele were professionals. But when they invited their customers to label themselves as a 'Student,' 'Hobbyist,' or 'Professional,' the results were eye-opening.

In just two days they found out that only 20% of their customers labeled themselves as professionals, while a majority revealed their identity as hobbyists. It was like discovering an entirely new audience. Such insights aren't unique. Many brands, once they team up with Fairing, find themselves uncovering similar insights.

With this newfound wisdom, our client was able to adjust their brand message, aligning it closer to their actual audience. Adjustments were made, not just in their messaging, but also in fine-tuning their acquisition channels, ensuring every arrow hit its mark.

What Is Your Age? + How Did You Hear About Us?

A bustling backpack company nestled in the heart of Brooklyn named Brevitē began their journey crafting camera bags for high-income Millennials with a penchant for the finer things.

Curiosity led them to build their Question Stream® centered on attribution, lifestyle, and demographic questions like "What is your age?" This was an insightful endeavor to understand their clientele's pulse. And they came upon a revelation - a spirited Gen Z crowd on TikTok, waiting to be tapped.

With this newfound knowledge, Brevitē did more than alter its script. It expanded its creative playbook and revamped its social strategy. This isn't just a story; it's a masterclass in listening to your audience, deciphering their age and interests, and crafting a resonant strategy.

In today's digital age, where the veil of online anonymity grows thicker, gleaning authentic demographic insights is becoming a feat akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But here's the thing: that needle can stitch a tapestry of opportunities. So why wait for someone else to hand it to you? Curate the demographic data you need with your own direct-from-consumer data.

Getting Started

Pivoting analytics is at the fingertips of every Fairing customer. If you ever find yourself scratching your head or needing a guide through this forest of data, just give us a shout .

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