Feature Highlight: Live Feed

by Bryan Teo

Feature Highlight: Live Feed

What is Live Feed?

The Live Feed feature functions to allow businesses to see the responses to their attribution surveys as they come in. The moment a customer submits a survey response, their responses are ported into the Live Feed for your viewing.

The data is raw, meaning it doesn’t get calculated into any metric or fitted into any dashboard. What you see in the Live Feed is exactly what was provided by your consumer. This gives you a different alternative to your typical data dashboards.

The main caveat to the Live Feed is that it stands to benefit stores with a high volume of orders the most. The higher the number of orders, the higher the number of survey responses coming in, and thus the most use out of the Live Feed.

Filtering functionality

With Live Feed, you can also filter the feed to show you only responses to the questions that you want. If you have more than one question in your PPS, this filter allows you to view live responses to only the question that you want.

Hence for example, if you wanted to only view responses to your research survey question as shown above, you can do that here.

Use case #1: Quick glance at consumer’s answers

Let’s say you’re a large eCommerce brand running a campaign during your peak sales period.

As a big eCommerce brand using Fairing, running a campaign during this period is likely going to mean a greater number of survey responses coming into your Fairing database. This is further supported by the fact that our Fairing users on average boast a 60% response rate.

Having so much data and information coming in is a great trait to have. Your business will be able to accurately track the progress of your marketing efforts, dig out tons of information about your consumers, and more.

With Live Feed, it enables your business to take a live glance into your consumer’s answers to your post-purchase survey (PPS) questions. You could be asking a number of questions and are curious about what your customers are currently saying. Live feed allows you to do just that.

Use case #2: Monitor changes as new campaigns go live

As an established brand on Shopify, it’s natural for you to be investing in new and different marketing channels or campaigns. Especially when equipped with Fairing’s zero-party data, you can leverage these insights to keep improving your efforts to grow your business.

Let’s say you release a new ad campaign. You’re excited to await and see the impact that it has on your consumers.

With Live Feed, this gives you the ability to see the results come in live. Keep an eye on it to see customer responses start rolling in. This enables you to be up to date with consumer sentiment of your ad campaign. Not only that, you can get a sense of what they feel and think about it.

You could use these live responses for your social media pages for example, using it as content to further promote or talk about your campaign. Live Feed allows you to stay agile and quick with your responses.

Typically, businesses will need to wait a set period of time (depending on the type of campaign or channel) to see the results. For that, keep a tab of your data dashboard inside Fairing after a set period of time to see its full impact. Using features like Time Series Analytics will allow you to do period-to-period comparisons of your business’ numbers to see the effect of your latest campaign.

Use case #3: Monitor changes when asking new PPS questions

Fairing’s PPS allows you the flexibility to ask your customers whatever you want. As such, businesses often experiment with different questions or sequences to try and test what would be the best fit for their business.

Using our Question Bank for your PPS, let’s say your business only had 2 attribution questions. While your survey has been working fine, your business re-evaluated and now wants to ask your customers conversion rate optimization (CRO) questions too.

Inside your Question Stream, you rearrange your questions and now have your CRO question second after your HDYHAU question. Upon finalizing the changes and having it go live, you now await for any feedback with regards to your CRO.

Due to the nature of CRO questions, any and all responses should be remedied immediately where possible. This is to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your consumers, and they face a path of least resistance to purchase.

Using Live Feed, you can monitor any and all CRO survey responses. The feature allows you the agility to fix any problems that arise should it pop up. The Live Feed feature is particularly applicable to CRO questions due to the time-sensitive nature of it.

This feature also works if you have had your CRO question in place for a while now. You can keep a tab on the responses to ensure that you stay on top of any issues that arise.

At Fairing, we are always keeping the merchants’ needs as our priority. Our features are here to help drive growth and sales for your business. Learn more about your customers and keep updated with our features in Fairing. Read our docs, or request a demo here today.


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