Feedback that fuels conversions

There’s a fine line between browsing and buying. Bridge that gap with direct-from-consumer feedback and improve your conversion rates with Fairing.

product card showing product added 
            from customer product feedback
Fresh Clean Threads

Direct-from-consumer CRO insights

Save hours watching playbacks of your customer’s shopping sessions. Just ask them “Did you encounter any difficulty placing today’s order?”

example workflow triggered by CRO 
            feedback received through Fairing
Direct-from-consumer feedback that prevents guesswork
Ask your customers: "Did you encounter any issues placing this order?" to uncover insights that help with conversion rate optimization.
Improve on those fine margins
Paid media is expensive—every 1% improvement in conversion rates could mean thousands in ad spend saved.
example of customer service recovery 
            triggered from collecting CRO insights 
            in Fairing.
One frustrated customer is too many
Use Fairing’s Live Feed to keep a pulse on customer sentiment, and quickly turn feedback into conversion rate improvements on your shopfront.
More human service recovery
Capture customer feedback and low NPS scores, then turn them into actionable follow-ups through our ESP integrations.
The Tortuga Logo
The Tortuga Logo

How Tortuga revamped their product catalog with Fairing customer feedback

Tortuga Backpacks focuses on urban travelers and digital nomads, offering durable, functional travel backpacks ideal for city exploration and extended journeys.

  • Under-reported affiliate sales.
  • Growth in affiliate sales YoY
  • Question Stream response rate
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