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How Porter Road Uses Peel + Fairing To Make Holistic Marketing Moves

by Tiara Solomon

The ethos that runs through Porter Road’s approach to product is also ever present in their approach to marketing: taking the long view, to ensure holistic lifetime value. No surprise then, that they’ve made a routine of analyzing cohort and segment behavior through Peel. What’s changed today is that Fairing survey data now integrates seamlessly with Peel’s analytics, helping Porter Road to get ground truth insights from their customers at speed & scale.

As Ryan McIntyre (GM of Digital) puts it, “Peel + Fairing shortens the decision making cycle when it comes to our marketing mix. As a business lead, it's a luxury having clean & reliable data at my fingertips.”

Turning direct-from-consumer data into cohort views means Porter Road can confidently market to LTV, rather than relying on ad platforms to self-report short-term impacts. “Peel and Fairing validated our decision to turn off a major marketing channel whose platform attribution always felt too good to be true.”

Peel Cohorts Example

With ground truth data and cohort analysis, Porter Road was also able to quantify the impact of offline marketing, with direct mail customers spending 30% more than users from other paid channels. Says McIntyre, “in a prior life, that insight would involve a small team of data analysts writing and tweaking SQL queries over a period of days. In this instance, Peel + Fairing surfaces the insights in seconds.”

Plug and play tools like Peel + Fairing have democratized intelligent commerce.

Ryan McIntrye of Porter Road Ryan McIntyre, GM of Digital at Porter Road

But Porter Road isn’t just using this integration for acquisition. Trending purchase frequency over time is a huge BI lift for brands that aren’t strictly subscription-based: Peel delivers that trend view, and the addition of a Fairing survey question (beautifully written by Ryan’s team) lets return customers effectively self-segment into more predictable cohorts. Customer journeys get clearer day by day with always-on insights, freeing up the Porter Road team to focus on delivering a delicious experience.

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