QOTD: What Would You Google To Find A Brand Like Ours?

Our latest Question Of The Day produces search & social keyword insights that are tough to gather through clickstream analytics platforms — especially if you’re not already converting on your impressions. Get your SEO tips straight from the customer’s mouth, then pass that wisdom along to your web team, influencer affiliates, and creatives.

Question Architecture

Our recommended language to gather this datapoint is, “What phrase would you Google to find a brand or product like ours?” As an open-ended question, you’ll be seeing a wide array of responses through the voice of the customer.

If you’re eager to get as many unique insights as possible, this question can be useful to ask New (or All) Customers — whereas asking Returning Customers only will likely produce responses that are more consistent with the brand positioning your shoppers have had multiple exposures to.

Use Cases: Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO

Whether it’s the SEO-friendly content on your PDP, a social media post, or even ad creative, learning how consumers think about your niche can have impacts from mid-funnel right through to conversion.

Perhaps you sell caffeine alternatives in exotic flavors. Clearly, there are quite a few value prop combinations to market for such a product, which makes keyword and tag optimization a data-driven game. This question will certainly provide you with proprietary data insights in those cases.

What may not be so obvious is the way consumers combine seemingly-unrelated selling points when doing their research. For example, we’ve seen brands discover a large volume of responses where the keyword suggestion is size + description, e.g. “trial size mushroom coffee”. Or, you might find that your shoppers are ahead of the curve on social, surfacing trends you didn’t realize you were a part of such as “morning routine hack.”

In a way, this question also lets your customers explain how they think about your niche in the broader universe of commerce, which is a highly efficient method for unlocking the unknown-knowns about your own brand perception. Add it to your Question Stream today with just a few clicks.

This article is part of our Question Of The Day (QOTD) series, where Fairing teams up with the industry’s smartest qualitative marketers to deliver expert perspectives on zero-party data. Find more of these best practice questions in our Question Bank.

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