QOTD: Which Of These Best Describes You?

by Micah Elerson

QOTD: Which Of These Best Describes You?

Our latest Question Of The Day (QOTD) takes a deep dive into the world of personalization. Ever felt that excitement of someone getting just the right gift for you? That's the magic we aim for in marketing—knowing our audience so intimately that every message feels like it's tailor-made. With this QOTD, we're unwrapping the secrets to striking that personal chord with every customer.

Question Architecture

In our Question Bank, "Which of these best describes you?" isn’t just any question. It's a strategic tool you can add to your Question Stream® that can help you understand your customers on a whole new level.

This simple yet profound question enables you to spot customer segments and tweak your messaging accordingly. It's a closed-ended question so you set the choices, and the customer leans into their preferred segment.

Now, imagine you blend your customers answer with their answer to “How did you hear about us?” Suddenly, it’s not just about preferences—it's about strategy. Maybe a segment routinely discovers you through the enchanting threads of Reddit, but you’ve been trying to reach them on LinkedIn.

And if your curiosity isn't quenched yet, sprinkle in a follow-up question to delve deeper. Every layer adds depth.

Use Case: Personalization

A niche electronics brand believed that the vast majority of their clientele are Professionals. The sort who need the latest tech for heavy-duty tasks. But when they posed the question “Which of these best describes you?” to their customers that assumption was put to the test.

Only 20% were Professionals. The real stars? Hobbyists. The brand swiftly adjusted their marketing strategy, leaning more into the Hobbyist's world. Their path illuminated further when they paired these personas with the responses to "How did you hear about us?".

Lo and behold, these hobbyists learned about the brand from places like TikTok and Reddit. The brand’s marketing strategy pivoted, turning its spotlight onto these newly discovered platforms.

You could take a look at the Average Order Value (AOV) across these customer segments. Chances are, you've never had persona-segmented AOV metrics before. Well, now you do. That means any decisions on media spend and profit margin can be laser-targeted to produce ROI.

This article is part of our Question Of The Day (QOTD) series, where Fairing teams up with the industry’s smartest qualitative marketers to deliver expert perspectives on zero-party data. Find more of these best practice questions in our Question Bank.

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