Success Story: Pastreez Solves The Buyer vs. User Problem With Post-Purchase Surveys

by Mitch Turck

Everyone loves a good french pastry, and that was both the opportunity and the problem for macaron delivery service Pastreez. If the market is “everyone”, who do you advertise to? Which segments generate the highest AOV? Which segments are most likely to become return customers? For a product that makes such a great gift, it’s a classic Buyer vs. User marketing problem.

Rather than run a business on market assumptions, Pastreez Founder & CEO Anthony Rosemond decided to have his customers answer these crucial questions. And to do that, he employed Fairing.

With so much of our business potentially coming as gifts or event purchases, I needed consumer insights to learn how each persona impacted business metrics.

The Pastreez team used our Question Stream™ post-purchase workflow to prompt customers to self-identify (and therefore self-segment) as one of three personas:

  • Self (direct product use)
  • Gift (1:1 transfer of product)
  • Event (1:Many transfer of product)

Question Stream Pastreez

What Pastreez learned from talking to its customers was that the market landscape was actually shifted from their operating assumptions: the core audience was expected to be gift-givers, but was instead direct sales to users.

With this knowledge, the Pastreez team was able to reposition its messaging, and reassess its marketing tactics (thanks in part to another question they were asking about marketing attribution).

And, because Fairing ties all these question responses to the customer and their transaction data, Anthony was also able to close the loop on how marketing spend and CAC related to AOV: for every dollar being spend by the direct users of the product, 50% more was being spent by gift-givers, and 100% more by customers buying for events.

Pastreez Founders

Having this attribution knowledge is crucial as we ramp up organic search. It also allows us to confirm a referral customer when a code gets missed.

What Anthony and the team found in simply talking to their customers is an ongoing theme among Fairing clients: business metrics become clearer and more actionable once they have the context of the consumer.


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