Fairing to Yotpo: Shopify Flow

by Bryan Teo

Fairing to Yotpo: Shopify Flow

Using Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is a free application created by Shopify inside the app store. It empowers you to build custom automations that help you run your business more efficiently.

You’ll be able to create unique workflows without needing to code. This gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Inside Flow, you can connect your apps together to complete even more jobs, and can support nearly any task you can think of.

What is Fairing?

Fairing is a Shopify Plus Certified post-purchase survey (PPS) for marketing attribution that gives you actionable consumer insights. Businesses can harness real-time, zero-party data with survey responses provided directly from your consumers.

You can deploy survey questions inside your post-purchase experience, append each response to your customer’s order data and use the insights across your marketing stack. By simply creating a "How did you hear about us?" attribution PPS, your business stands to greatly improve your marketing ROI.

What is Yotpo: Email marketing & SMS?

Yotpo helps merchants grow their brand with intuitive email & SMS marketing.

They enable your business to create powerful email & SMS campaigns and create automated flows that run on autopilot to drive sales and build relationships with your customers. Not only that, their AI feature helps you save time. It helps you write better texts, send at optimal times, build audiences, and even choose products to recommend in your emails.

Setting it up

  1. The first step is making sure you have signed up, downloaded, and set up the relevant applications in the app store. This includes: Shopify Flow, Fairing, and Yotpo.

  2. Inside your store, go to your applications and go to Flow.

  3. Once inside, select “Create workflow”. On the next page, select “Select a trigger”. For Fairing, we currently only have one operational trigger: “New survey response”.

  4. At this point, you’ll be in Flow’s workflow screen. Here, search for Fairing and select “New survey response” as your trigger.

  5. If need be, set conditions that suit your workflow (this is optional).

  6. Thereafter, we set the final action. Once clicked, search for Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS. This will allow you to select Yotpo’s sole action here which is to “Send SMS via SMSBump”.

  7. Once that has been done, add variables (also known as environment values) to give your workflow data to work on. This includes the contact information of your customers, as well as your intended message.

  8. And voila, your workflow has been created!


Using Fairing to Yotpo for your business

Fairing’s PPS questions spread across 5 categories—attribution, personalization, research, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and net promoter score (NPS).

For this integration, we list some possible (but not exhaustive) use cases below:

  • Attribution




New survey response

Customer's HDYHAU question answer doesn't tally with your UTM/coupon code data

Send SMS asking which of the 2 properly answers where they heard about us

  • Personalization




New survey response

Customer answered that the purchase was "A gift" or for someone else

SMS coupon code to motivate them to purchase for themselves next time

  • NPS




New survey response

If customer is a detractor

Send an SMS to apologize for their poor experience. Additionally, you can provide them a link for them to send feedback/request assistance. If not, you can also send them coupon codes so as to improve their perception of the brand and promote another purchase

New survey response

If customer is passive

Send an SMS with a link asking how the business can improve

New survey response

If customer is a promoter

Send an SMS thanking them for their support and provide a link to ask for reviews to boost social proofing


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