Fairing Badged as a TikTok Marketing Partner

by Fairing Team

Fairing Badged as a TikTok Marketing Partner

We’re starting the year off with some great news—Fairing has been recognized as a TikTok Marketing Partner!

As the leading post-purchase survey and attribution solution, Fairing has partnered closely with TikTok over the past two years to help advertisers connect their investments on the social platform to conversions on their eCommerce sites.

Those efforts are being recognized today with our inclusion in the latest batch of TikTok Marketing Partners, and the first to be included under their new Cross-Channel specialization.

Post-purchase surveys (PPS) have long been recognized as integral parts of a marketer’s attribution stack. Using direct-from-consumer data, surveys give ecommerce marketers an accurate view of the true source of inspiration behind their purchases, instead of relying solely on pixels and tracking links.

This is key for both TikTok and the advertisers on the platform—70% of users discover new brands on TikTok, and a further 92% take some sort of action with the brand thereafter. The disconnect comes between discovery and conversion—users tend to search for products and make purchases off-platform, leading to a lower share of conversions attributed to the content and investment made on TikTok.

What’s in it for you? Fairing is celebrating our continued partnership with TikTok through our joint Ad Credit Program. Brands that are a Fairing and TikTok customer with an attribution question on their Question Stream can receive up to $5,000 in TikTok ad credits.

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