Fairing Feature Bundle: Q2 ‘23

by Matt Bahr

Fairing Feature Bundle: Q2 ‘23

Amidst our more prominent feature launches and integrations this quarter, you might’ve missed some of the small-yet-mighty UI upgrades and fast fixes we released. Well, we’ve got bite-sized intros to all of them right here. Read on…

Auto-Advancing Customer Responses

The “Auto-Advance” setting reduces consumer friction by using their response as a proxy for the Submit button. Once a response is selected on Question 1, the consumer automatically advances to Question 2, without having to confirm their response by clicking the Submit button.

The Auto-Advance setting will be on for each new Single Response question created. Use it to give consumers faster exposure to the rest of your Question Stream™, or disable it for questions where you’d prefer that the consumer confirms their response.

Auto-Advance is currently in beta. If you'd like to enable the feature for your store, contact our Customer Success team or just ping us on Intercom!

Archiving Questions

By popular demand from power users, you can now archive disabled questions to maintain a cleaner view of your active Question Stream™. Simply click the three-button menu on any question in the stream and select “Archive” — if your question isn’t already toggled to inactive, archiving will inactivate it for you.

All the data and structure of your archived question will be maintained, so if you’d like to reactivate it in the future, simply visit the Archive page to bring it back to your stream.

Open-Ended Response Analytics

Now that Response Reclassification is available for Open-Ended question types, your reclassified data can now be charted and viewed in our Analytics tab just like any other question type.

If you think this comes in handy now, just wait until our Analytics overhaul coming soon!

LiveView Filters & Exports

You can now configure your export as a separate action from data filtering. As such, you’ll no longer need to wait for data to load prior to building your export.

Want to learn more about these features (or any others coming your way soon)? Get in touch with the Fairing team here .

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