Announcing Fairing’s Partnership with Disco: Get Up to Three Months of Your Fairing Subscription Free!

by Fairing Team

Announcing Fairing’s Partnership with Disco: Get Up to Three Months of Your Fairing Subscription Free!

Network effects are only as valuable as the network they exist in. Disco went to market in 2020 with the vision of building an ad network DTC brands could rely on as an alternative to Meta. After many conversations with Fairing customers, we’ve recently come to the conclusion that Disco’s vision is coming to fruition! We spoke to one brand spending almost mid-5 figures a month profitably on Disco 🤯.

quote card from Caraway Home about Fairing and Disco working together to boost revenue

Disco’s value proposition only works when their network scales – which after learning the success of our mutual customers – we were happy to help participate in. With that, we are excited to announce our new partnership, bringing you an incredible opportunity to trial a new channel with little risk. From today, Fairing customers who advertise with Disco for the first time can get up to three months of their Fairing subscription for free. If your dependency on Meta is top of mind, this offering is for you.

Optimize the Real Estate on Your Order Confirmation Page.

The order confirmation page is vital, multi-purpose real estate for brands. Merchants using Fairing use this page to collect attribution data directly from customers, augmenting their attribution models with zero-party data—but if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know this. Beyond post-purchase surveys (PPS), brands like Shinesty, Dagne Dover, Caraway and Vegamour also use the order confirmation page (OCP) to drive incremental revenue through upsells and cross-selling with other brands. For example, DiscoFeed recommends new and relevant brands to your shoppers on your order confirmation page, and, in turn, you get to reach millions of shoppers on the post-purchase pages across a thousand plus top DTC brands. Disco’s pay-per-performance model sweetens the deal – imagine a pay-per-performance display ad only shown to relevant consumers. That’s Disco.

screenshot showing fairing and disco on the order confirmation page of blueland

By implementing post-purchase surveys and cross-sell solutions together on the OCP, you:

  • Maximize the chance of generating responses with Question Stream above-the-fold. Fairing displays above the Disco feed.

  • Enhance your marketing strategies from direct-from-consumer data collected on your PPS, and from shoppers’ interactions with the DiscoFeed

  • Gain access to advertise on other brands’ post-purchase pages, which helps you acquire new customers in an efficient way.

For more information and support, check out our support documentation.

How to Get Up to Three Months of Fairing, Free

Leveraging a new marketing channel is always daunting, but both the Fairing and Disco teams are here to help. To take advantage of this special offer, sign up for Disco here and reach out to our team. We will guide you through the process of getting 3 months of your Fairing fees credited to you.

Just a quick note: Disco currently operates only in the US and Canada, and this offer is only valid for customers with US or CA-based business addresses in those regions.

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