Fairing’s 2023 in Review

by Fairing Team

Fairing’s 2023 in Review

Advancing our Direct-From-Consumer Future

As we close another incredible year at Fairing, we reflect on the remarkable journey we've shared with you, our valued customers. Your pioneering spirit in harnessing Direct-From-Consumer data has reshaped how businesses make key decisions.

In 2023, our journey included processing millions of queries across over 150 million orders for thousands of brands. Over $20b of GMV had a Fairing question on it.

Enhancing the Fairing Platform: Over 100 Updates in 2023

Driven by your valuable feedback, we've implemented more than 100 improvements to the Fairing platform, each designed to streamline and enrich your experience and help you make better business decisions.

New and Improved Integrations

We expanded our native integration offering with Google Sheets, TikTok, Yotpo, and Segment. As of this month, these integrations have been used by over 1,000 Fairing customers!

We’d also like to celebrate the success of platform integrations with Wonderment, Klar, Polar Analytics, Podscribe, and SourceMedium. Incredible integration partners who’ve used the power of Fairing’s API to build on top of our platform. The list keeps growing!

Streamlining Data: The Question Stream Gets Upgraded

We are committed to continuously improving the Question Stream–a core component in realizing our vision of delivering the right question at the right time. The Question Stream’s adaptive, de-coupled question asking is integral to our approach, positioning us to replace traditional, static surveys with a more effective method.

Our Commitment to Clean Data

In 2023, Fairing customers reclassified over 80,000 responses, enhancing data quality. With the introduction of our auto-suggest feature and upcoming automation advancements, we're setting new standards for data cleanliness of direct-from-consumer data.

Introducing A Customer View and a Live Feed

Our new customer-centric view and Real-Time Live Feed underscore our commitment to People Over Pixels, providing you with instant insights as they happen.

Advanced Analytics: Pivots and Time Series

Delve deeper into your data with our enhanced analytics tools, designed for comprehensive understanding and forecasting.

Backend Breakthroughs

Under the hood, we've significantly upgraded our backend architecture. Leveraging Elixir, we smoothly handled over 140,000 requests per second during peak times, demonstrating our robust scalability. It’s no wonder WhatsApp, Discord, and Goldman Sachs rely on Elixir to handle high-volume processing with ease!

A Heartfelt Thank You

As we embark on 2024, we extend our deepest gratitude to you, our customers, for an incredible year. Stay tuned for a sneak peek into our 2024 plans.

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