Measure the previously unmeasurable

Start tracking offline sources like Word of Mouth and Podcasts, and reclassify uncertain conversions using data direct from your customers.

phone mockup showing Fairing attribution 
            surveys on the order confirmation page graphs showing attribution from various 
            traffic sources for an ecommerce brand.

The right question. At the right time.

Want to know what inspires your customers? Ask them.

graphic showing how Fairing improves attribution 
            for conversions without a UTM or referring site.
Unlocking attribution
Say bye to Direct Traffic conversions and unattributable brand campaigns—simply by asking “how did you hear about us?”.
First Touch. Last Touch. Every Touch.
Fully customizable attribution questions let you capture data for every touchpoint in your customer’s journey.
graphic showing how fairing interacts with 
            other software like Klaviyo, Yotpo and GA4.
Enhance your existing attribution models
Fairing enhances your attribution models with direct-from-customer data that unlocks offline sources and enhances pixel and link tracking.
Actionable data at speed
Integrations with GA4, Klaviyo, Yotpo and more let eCommerce teams make decisions in real-time, not next time.
The Tortuga Logo
The Tortuga Logo

How Tortuga took off with direct-from-consumer data from Fairing

Tortuga Backpacks focuses on urban travelers and digital nomads, offering durable, functional travel backpacks ideal for city exploration and extended journeys.

  • Under-reported affiliate sales.
  • Growth in affiliate sales YoY
  • Question Stream response rate
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