New Shopify Flow Feature: Interact With Customer & Order Properties

Shopify recently launched the ability for Apps integrated with Shopify Flow to interact with customer and order properties, meaning Fairing customers can now tag customers or orders, update notes, and more with Shopify Flow.

This allows you to group customers by their survey responses directly within the Shopify Customer and Orders admin pages. By tagging orders with customer notes, you can also view your survey responses directly on order pages instead of logging in to the Fairing app.

We’ve also enabled the ability for you to pass through relevant Shopify properties (such as customer or order information) along with your trigger payload by adding the property’s unique identifier to your trigger.

Setup Instructions

Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the heavy lifting. To utilize this new feature, simply go to your Shopify Flow app (you must have Shopify Plus), add New Survey Response as your trigger, and click your desired Shopify action. Simple as that.

Have an interesting use case you’d like to share? Post in the comments or email us direct at

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