Personalize Yotpo SMS & Email Flows With Fairing

by Matt Bahr

We're thrilled to announce our latest integration with Yotpo, a key player in the growth of DTC brands.

The Advantage of Integrating Zero Party Data with Yotpo

In today's direct-to-consumer world, utilizing a platform as dynamic as Yotpo is essential for ecommerce success. Renowned for building tools that genuinely help merchants scale, Yotpo stands out in its ability to deepen the connection between brands and customers – they've done this for years with their Reviews product. Zero party data is at the heart of this connection.

By now, we all know personalized messaging isn't just a trend; it's a game changer. Imagine sending targeted SMS campaigns to segmented groups of 1,000 users each, instead of a blanket message to 10,000. This targeted approach not only feels more personal but statistically drives higher engagement. Yet, the challenge lies in carving out these meaningful segments.

Segmentation based on basic data like past purchases? That's just scratching the surface. In the competitive world of SMS and email marketing, the magic happens when you dive deeper. Engaging your customers with messages tailored specifically for them, powered by their own preferences, is where true differentiation lies. It's not just about reaching your customers; it's about understanding them on a granular level.

How The Fairing x Yotpo Integration Works

Our integration with Yotpo enables brands to segment and create SMS & Email flows using Fairing response data.

Fairing Yotpo Setup

This integration is more than just a tool – it's a catalyst for growth. Combining Fairing's insights with Yotpo's powerful marketing platform empowers brands to excel in customer engagement and retention.

A New Mapping User Experience

We've developed a new mapping tool for this integration. It allows you to align Fairing customer responses with specific profile fields in Yotpo.

Fairing Yotpo Setup

Unlock the full potential of this integration and transform your marketing strategy with Fairing and Yotpo.

For a detailed guide on the Fairing-Yotpo integration, explore our comprehensive guide here.

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