Use Alloy Ecommerce To Automatically Take Action On Customer Insights

by Matt Bahr

Use Alloy Ecommerce To Automatically Take Action On Customer Insights

Consumer insights, and the actions you take with them, are the lifeblood that keeps your ecommerce store strong. However, while many businesses consider data like this important, many struggle to analyze and act on it, and it all takes up precious time. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just automate it?

Actually, you can. When you start to collect data and consumer insights with quizzes or surveys like Fairing , you can use those insights across your technology stack.

How do you do this? By integrating Fairing with automation tools like Alloy, you can sync data automatically to the apps and platforms where it’s most valuable to you. In this article, we’ll share the top ways you can take action from the consumer insights you gather.

What is Alloy Automation?

To start with some background, Alloy Automation enables you to automate areas of your ecommerce workflows without the need to code anything. Alloy has a range of ecommerce automation solutions including pre-built automated workflow templates for automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Alloy and Fairing have formed a partnership to help you get even more out of Fairing’ customer surveys while saving time. Fairing allows you to build your brand’s marketing strategy with proprietary post-purchase question streams, and the Alloy partnership means you can bring even greater consumer insights.

There are two key benefits to integrating Fairing and Alloy:

  1. Sync the data collected across your tech stack
  2. Notify yourself or your team whenever a customer form is submitted

The power of automation & integration

Automation and integration are the keys to ecommerce success. For instance, Fairing’s Shopify Post-Purchase Survey can be automatically routed to the most useful destination or workflow. This will streamline your customer insight actions, and ensure that the data goes to where it will do most good.

When you automate consumer insights like this, you are saving your team’s time and effort in doing the job manually, and ultimately, that will save you money. You will also ensure that the customer insight data can be acted upon in a timely fashion, as the automation is triggered as soon as the data comes in.

Automation can also be used in segmenting to solve the age-old Buyer vs. User problem (“who is this purchase for?”). Fairing allows you to set up one simple question to ask new customers who they are buying for, and the answer gives a huge amount of insight into a very simple interaction. You can then use Alloy to send to CRMs/CDPs, and to trigger workflows in an array of marketing automation partners.

How else can ecommerce automation and integration be useful? If/then logic allows you to send all “how was your shopping experience?” questions to Gorgias, but also sends outlier responses to the CS team on Slack. The importance of automation and integration doesn’t stop there, though. You can set up a workflow to collect all Fairing survey responses and add them to Google Sheets.

Automation can also be set up to send discount codes to survey responders via any platform such as Klaviyo, Postscript, etc.

The benefits of having more data to take action on

More data brings more benefits, especially when it’s dealt with through automation and integration. The more useful data you have, the more customer insight you can gain, and the easier it becomes to plan your marketing strategies.

Better understand your customers

Collecting more data gives you better insights into where your customers come from, and what they’re interested in. For example, in a post-purchase survey if you ask where they found out about your brand , you can collect this data. This is a critical piece to making your business more customer-centric, and can help you with marketing decisions, product development, and strategy.

Enrich your customer database

After you collect data, you can sync it to your customer database or across your entire tech stack. For example, sync all responses to your post-purchase survey to Google Sheets to analyze, send yourself the responses via email, or sync data to your email marketing platform. With access to more data, you can take action with it in other areas of your business.

Add more personalization to your marketing

Marketing personalization is a great example of taking action with customer data you collect. By syncing Fairing data to other marketing platforms, you can improve your email, SMS, advertising, or other marketing channels. When a customer receives personalized marketing communications, they’re 80% more likely to make a purchase.

Ashley Scorpio, VP of Partnerships at Hawke Media, shared that taking action with your insights is critical: “centralizing and using data, signals, surveys, and lifecycle solutions to communicate important updates in realtime to customers is key whether it's via email, sms, or chat.”

How to get started with Alloy's ecommerce automations

If you are an Fairing customer, then the good news is that you already have Alloy. To enable Alloy integration, simply click the Integrations tab in the Fairing app. Find Alloy, and click Connect. You’ll be asked to enter your Alloy API key.

Give your new workflow a name, and then type ‘Fairing’ into the Trigger Blocks search bar. This will locate the Fairing trigger, which you drag to your workflow. Your API key will be displayed on the page. Copy this and return to the Fairing app. Input the API key into the Alloy settings page and save it. Now you can start using Alloy to create smart workflows and automate consumer insights!

If you don’t have an Alloy account, then it’s easy to start using ecommerce automation for free .

This is a guest post written by Katie Krische at Alloy Automation . Alloy Automation is a no-code platform for ecommerce brands to build automated workflows that save time and increase efficiency. Alloy has integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, & 100+ other support, marketing, loyalty, & fulfillments apps. Top brands use Alloy to automate tedious operations tasks and to power more personalized marketing. At the end of the day, lean teams can use automation to get more done.

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