Discover what marketing actually drives sales.

2,500+ of the fastest growing DTC brands use Fairing as their secret weapon to make better decisions about their marketing spend.

Post-purchase surveys customers actually answer.

Gain real-time insights into customer preferences and identify your best marketing channels.

Utilize Question Stream® to harness customer data and personalize audience interactions effectively.

Understand customer choices to tailor and optimize your marketing strategies.

Link surveys to transaction data and integrate effortlessly into your marketing technology stack.

Seamlessly blend your Question Stream® into your checkout experience, capturing insights at a key touchpoint.

The right question. At the right time.

Want to know what moves customers? Ask them.

Fairing Analytics Report

Discover What Drives Your Customers

Link consumer feedback to transaction data to uncover the key factors influencing your customers' purchasing decisions, and swiftly gain a comprehensive understanding of their journey.

Enhance Attribution with HDYHAU Surveys

Uncover the impact of your marketing strategies by incorporating post-purchase "How Did You Hear About Us?" surveys. Brands utilizing this approach have witnessed over a 20% increase in marketing attribution, enabling more precise targeting and maximizing conversion potential.

Tailored Marketing & Audience Segmentation

Leverage post-purchase survey data to finely segment your audience for personalized email outreach. Transform your content strategy into a conversion engine and seamlessly funnel insights into your email and SMS tools.

Boost Conversion Rate Optimization & Gain Consumer Insight

Discover the underlying factors of your customers' behavior to drive growth and optimziation. Enhance your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy by identifying and eliminating any obstacles in your path-to-purchase.

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Seamless Integration with Your Tech Stack

Effortlessly connect with a multitude of platforms, unlocking the potential of post-purchase survey data. Refine and direct your marketing strategies with our versatile integrations.

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“There is literally no other way I’m aware of to truly understand the impact of TikTok other than to ask your customers at checkout.”

Ryan Pamplint
Co-Founder & CEO -

“Our question analytics dashboard is our source of truth for all of our marketing endeavors. We’d be lost without it.”

Lindsey Johnson
CEO, Founder -

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