Question Bank Integration: Zero-Party Data With One Click

What kind of feature gets dropped a week before BFCM? The kind that can 10x your insights on all that traffic with just a few clicks. Welcome to the integrated Question Bank: our growing collection of zero–party data gems from methodologists and leading DTC brands, now baked right into the app.

For every brand leveraging Fairing to the fullest, there’s another brand (okay, maybe two or three if we’re honest) that isn’t quite sure what to do with their newfound opportunity to ask customers literally anything, and see that proprietary datapoint routed across the marketing stack in seconds. Understandably, “literally anything” does sound daunting. So, we built out some inspiration: Question Bank.

Categorized by our core use cases (Attribution, Personalization, CRO, Research), each card packs a best practice question into a format that plugs into your Question Stream with a single click. If you’ve only been using Fairing to ask “How did you hear about us?”, a brief browse through these cards will reveal just how much more you could be capturing along your customer’s journey — even if you start by simply asking a follow-up question, or adding another attribution question to focus on ToFu or last-touch insights.

Of course, while the Question Bank puts best practices front and center, you can edit everything you see after adding it to your Question Stream. We’ve simply embedded our general recommendations where applicable: question type, wording, audience targeting, and so on.

Our advice on customizing these questions? Keep the wording and audience targeting as-is whenever possible (after all, these are questions vetted by our DTC advisors and survey methodologists — shoutout to our advisor Judd Antin in particular for stress-testing everything you see in the bank!)

Responses are a different story: you know the specifics of your brand and market, so in most cases we left those open for editing. Remember, none of the cards from Question Bank will go live until you’ve had a chance to edit it, save and enable.

All this to say, we’re excited to give our brands this lightning-fast onramp to power user status, and there’s obviously more to come with Question Bank — maybe you even spy a few easter eggs in there already? Send us a ping if you’re curious, or just want to brag on a success story being one of the first to use this new feature.

As usual, everything you do inside your Question Stream is a no-code, non-invasive improvement to your post-purchase experience and order confirmation screen. Throw a few of these best practices into your stream before BFCM, and amass a competitive moat of zero-party data in a matter of days. Or hours. Or for some of our brands… minutes? If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that your customers have a lot to say. Make sure you’re listening: login and launch Question Bank here.

Already familiar with the original Question Bank, and looking for more detailed documentation? We’ve got you covered here.

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