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Question Stream™


See immediate ROI with insights from purchases. Customize your marketing to build more accurate customer profiles.

What’s included

  • Unlimited questions
  • Expert-curated Question Bank
  • Unlimited responses
  • 20+ integrations

/ month

Transactions are only counted when a question is shown.

LTV Analytics


Break down customer lifetime value by the channels that had the most influence on their purchases.

What’s included

  • LTV split by HDYHAU response
  • LTV split by cohort acquired
  • Cohort analysis charts

$49 / month

LTV Analytics are available as an add-on to Question Stream™.

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What's included

All-in-one platform

Unlock the full potential of our Fairing and Question Stream® on all plans. All functionality readily available, ensuring your brand has all it needs to succeed no matter your scale.

Question Stream®
Transform the post-checkout experience into a powerhouse of direct-from-customer insights.
6 question types
Unleash the potential of varied questions to gather nuanced responses, including our new predictive-text and date question types.
24+ questions designed by survey expert
Crafted by survey experts to glean meaningful insights.
Question Targeting
Tailor Question Streams to specific customer segments and demographics.
Live Feed
Visualize what drives purchases in real-time and allocate your marketing budget more intelligently.
Customer View
Zoom into individual question responses and orders to understand each individual customer’s journey through your Question Stream®.
Analytics reporting
Delve deep into comprehensive reports and uncover the story behind the data.
Time-series Charting
Analyze aggregated question responses over time, broken down by day, week, or month, to identify trends and patterns.
Analytics pivoting
Transform your analytics into insightful pivot charts for a deeper level of analysis.
20+ integrations
Fairing seamlessly integrates with your tech stack and connects to your diverse range of marketing tools.

Frequently asked questions

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What response rate should I expect?
With over 2,500 customers, we observe an average response rate between 40 and 60%. Typically, lower response rates are attributed to pop-ups and slower loading order-confirmation pages.
How does the 14-day trial work?
Install Fairing and start gathering responses immediately, completely free for 14 days. No questions asked.
Can I preview my questions before they go live?
Absolutely! You can preview your question through a link on your Question Stream setup page.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! Simply notify us to cancel your plan. Shopify merchants can simply remove the Fairing app from your Shopify account to cancel.

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