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Greg Schwartz


Channel-surfing: Finding the Right Avenues of Growth

The Halo Effect: TV’s Incremental Impact on All Channels, and How to Measure It

Greg has a plethora of experience under his belt, and is currently helping several consumer brands launch and scale through TV advertising. He’s the founder of Household, a boutique TV consultancy.

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Who are TV/CTV campaigns for?

While TV/CTV campaigns can bring about great benefits to a business, we understand that it may not be the best fit for everyone. As a general rule, there are a few categories for brands that we find would be the best fit for TV/CTV campaigns.

  1. Brands with a large Total Addressable Market (TAM)

The TV landscape is extremely vast, but extremely reachable. These two factors multiply a brand’s ability to succeed by having a product that speaks to as many demographics as possible.

  1. Brands spending over 100k on Meta per month

The size of the meta budget corresponds to the halo effect a brand is capable of achieving on TV. The higher the Meta budget, the more the brand will feel the halo effect of TV.

  1. Brands with a strong hero product

Marketing a single product in a TV commercial as a challenger brand is the ideal strategy—most consumers can really only grasp one core thing from a TV commercial at a time.

If your brand is able to solve a single pain point with a single product, that is much more effective than touting your entire selection. Consumers have marketplaces like Amazon for scrolling through your catalog, so leave it at that!

What does it take for brands to launch a TV/CTV campaign?

  1. Trusted organic conversion funnels and a trustworthy A/B tested website.

With TV and CTV campaigns, you’re sending a lot of new and cold traffic to your site. It is thus pivotal that your website is able to push consumers down the conversion funnels. It should be properly battle-tested prior to testing TV ads to ensure that conversions are optimized.

  1. The ability to understand measurement.

There are some third-party tools out there (and covered below) that are helpful in helping a brand understand performance on TV.

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