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Adam McNeil

VP of Marketing

Channel-surfing: Finding the Right Avenues of Growth

Podcast Attribution 101

Formerly the VP of Marketing at Füm, Adam now helps DTC brands scale through podcast advertising. On the side, he runs Canada’s biggest Kendama competition.

In This Article:

The unique landscape of Podcast Attribution

When it comes to advertising mediums, podcast advertising is both smartly stupid and stupidly smart.

It's also both digital and offline, and offline and digital. Some of what you can track is very clearly attributable to digital means, like a coupon code or a UTM or even pixel-based data. Contrastingly, some of it is not very attributable—think like a billboard or something else offline that is pushing awareness out there.

Meanwhile somewhere in the middle, there's ultimately a lack of attribution between what we can track and what we can't track.

Understanding the challenges in Podcast Attribution

When trying to track podcast attribution, so much could be attributable.

Your customer could’ve used the right coupon code, or

maybe a pixel picked them up, or

maybe they used the right UTM, or

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