QOTD: What's Your Favorite Podcast?

by Mitch Turck

QOTD: What's Your Favorite Podcast?

Our latest Question Of The Day accelerates the channel diversification opportunities that come naturally with survey-based attribution: discovering the content your customers consume most, and quickly turning that research into ad campaigns with fantastic returns.

Question Architecture

In our Question Bank, you’ll notice the templated language is, “What’s your favorite podcast?” This is based on the popularity of trending questions in DTC, but depending on your media mix, you may be more interested in asking “What’s your favorite YouTube channel?”, and so forth.

Worth noting, this question is worded for a big budget and broad audience by default — but depending on your vertical, you may be able to get more surgical with your response data. Running a protein powder brand? Ask “What nutrition & fitness podcasts do you listen to?”

This is a question you can comfortably ask All Customers, Until Answered. Alternatively, you could choose to plug this same question in as a follow-up to your broader attribution (HDYHAU) question, rather than creating a new item in your Question Stream.

Use Cases: Research, Attribution

The goal of attribution data is, of course, to figure out where your next media dollar should go — not to celebrate your last one. In the case of this QOTD, the zero party data you’re gathering could be called “research”, but ultimately it’s going to reveal highly operational guidance on diversifying your marketing channels… probably through the discovery of some true under-the-radar gems. This is where direct-from-consumer data shines.

And just a reminder here: once you’ve got some directional data staring you in the face that says, “you should probably launch a campaign on Podcast X”, there are some best practices in measuring offline media worth brushing up on (including some baseline survey pre-work if you really want to nail ROAS accuracy in a format most brands struggle to quantify without talking to customers.)

This article is part of our Question Of The Day (QOTD) series, where Fairing teams up with the industry’s smartest qualitative marketers to deliver expert perspectives on zero-party data. Find more of these best practice questions in our Question Bank.

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