Shopify Checkout Extensibility

by Matt Bahr

Fairing Launches Day 1 Support for Shopify Order Status Page Extensions

Shopify went live with their long-awaited support for Order Status and Thank You Page Extensibility today! While this is only for merchants on Shopify Plus for now, it’s coming to all merchants in April. A quick reminder that checkout.liquid will be fully deprecated in August of next year.

What are Extensions?

Checkout has clearly been a major focus of Shopify’s product teams over the past 24 months. Last year they introduced checkout extensibility allowing merchants to add Extensions to the checkout pages as well as the new post-purchase page. It was clear that extensibility was coming to the Order Status Page and Thank You Page and that day is finally here.

Extensions are new way that Shopify Apps can build on top of Shopify – they create an entirely new experience for merchants to integrate and edit apps.

To date, we’ve operated using Script Tags – we simply add some javascript through Shopify’s API. When the page loads the javascript injects the correct question from the users Question Stream. Script Tags, although powerful, were also prone to errors, some time required a level of programming knowledge, and were generally less privacy safe (especially those that passed customer information outside of Shopify).

Extensions are Shopify’s answer to this. Extensions run in an isolated sandbox, away from the checkout page and other extensions, and without access to sensitive payment information or other UI components and APIs. Furthermore, apps that wish to access protected customer data need to submit an application and submit to a strict security and guidelines review by Shopify. We’ve has taken these steps as a Shopify Plus-Certified Program partner, and have supported Checkout Extensibility since launch.

What does this mean for me as a Fairing and Shopify Merchant?

Today, in tandem with Shopify’s announcement of Order Status Page (OSP) extensibility, we’ve also launched Day 1 support for OSP extensions for the thousands of Fairing merchants that are on Shopify Plus. This means that Fairing and Shopify Plus merchants can migrate to using extensions well ahead of the scheduled full deprecation of third-party scripts in 2024, while taking advantage of a seamless deployment and configuration experience of Fairing’s post-purchase survey tool on their checkout and order status pages.

There are a few minor changes to the way you use Fairing: merchants need to add the Fairing app block to the relevant pages using the drag-and-drop editor, and configure their custom success message within the Extensibility editor. The Fairing team has thorough documentation on this process, which can be found here.

In addition, our GA4, GTM and Rockerbox integrations won’t work out of the box, but we’re working on getting them up and running soon.

Fairing is committed to supporting our Shopify Plus Merchants

While we recognize that there is a little friction in migrating from scripts to extensions, we believe that it’s a step in the right (and safer!) direction for Shopify and our merchants.

Extensions remove two points of friction (in brand compliance and security) for our Shopify Plus customers who are looking to improve their e-commerce presence at speed and at scale. Simply drag-and-drop the Fairing block onto your Extension-ready pages, and you’re done.

Should you need help migrating to order status page extensions, reach out to us over Intercom, email us at [email protected], or review our documentation on Shopify Checkout Extensibility here.

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