EnquireLabs Is About To Become Fairing

by Matt Bahr

Mark your calendars and unmark your bookmarks: starting July 22nd, EnquireLabs will be rebranding ourselves as Fairing (! New swag aside, we still bring speed & scale to survey data, and still tell your marketing stack what it needs to hear, just as before.

So why the change? EnquireLabs started as a two-person project, and the name was a “does what it says on the tin” kind of thing. But, as we’ve grown (and as other lovely companies named “Enquire something” have grown) and built an entire team around our long-term vision supported by wonderful investors and advisors, the opportunity emerged to mature our identity as a company.

You may be thinking, “ah ok, this company makes the customer relationship fairer and more transparent, so it’s fairing the world of customer data.” That’s a beautiful definition, but incorrect! We are much more technical than that.

A fairing is a harmonious surface, designed to help DTC brands embrace the flow of their customer relationships. That’s more our speed.

Much of what you see on an airplane’s exterior, or on a race car, is a fairing of some sort. In this illustration below, we see how fairings route external airflow to optimal destinations, i.e. aerodynamics: helping the vehicle maneuver, operate sustainably, etc.

Embracing customer input and routing it to your optimal destinations is what we do — hence, the fairing metaphor. It’s all about seeing environmental friction as a gift, rather than a grind. That’s the sustainable, maneuverable advantage of DTC brands… and one which only comes to fruition when a brand closes the feedback loop with direct-from-consumer (DFC) data.

That said… the noun fairing originated from the act of “fairing” a boat hull with hand tools to streamline it, so if you’d still rather think of us as “fairing the world of customer data”, we’ll gladly answer that call.

Look-Ahead: Product & Experience

Let’s cut through the metaphor & magic of the rebrand to talk more concretely about how it translates to the road ahead, and your experience as our customer:


We have a massive advantage in listening to customers post-purchase, but of course, there are other places to listen. A surface is any interaction point we can provide you to embrace direct-from-consumer data, so you get the idea: there will be more surfaces in the future. Not only more survey points, but more interaction points fueled by our magnificent integration partners.


You’ve got a happy path in mind for your consumers, and they’ve got their own natural path. Often, these are very different paths, and if you’re not closing the DTC<>DFC feedback loop, that manifests as one-and-done buyers, subscription churn, or expansion revenue being left on the table. Part of Fairing’s duty to DTC brands lies in streamlining these two paths so they flow in harmony — for growth that is predictable, sustainable, and mutually beneficial.

This mental model of streamlining will translate to our product as advanced customer views, embedded best practices and data-driven nudges. It also means we’re making a heavy investment in Client Success, because guiding your proprietary data to success is never going to be one size fits all — if it were, there wouldn’t be much competitive advantage in DFC data.

Routing & Destinations

While integrations and automations have always been at the core of our value proposition, giving brands a blank slate is admittedly a lost opportunity. We’ve seen what works, we have methodology experts and DTC legends advising us… ergo, we can naturally give you some bigger and better data wins through the Question Stream™ product + platform. And so, we’ll soon be offering workflows to accelerate adoption and utility. You’ll be firing on all cylinders from the moment you first connect any data destination (of which there will be many more to come).

We’ll leave you with an on-brand racing quote you may have heard, as it speaks volumes about the current state of the market and the impact of a proprietary advantage: “You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather… but you can when it's raining.”

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