Setting up HDYHAU Attribution Surveys for Your Online Business

by Bryan Teo

Setting up HDYHAU Attribution Surveys for Your Online Business

Understanding your consumer and consumer behavior in today’s digital age is paramount for optimizing marketing strategies and driving business growth. One of the most proven and effective methods to gather such valuable insights is through integrating "How Did You Hear About Us" (HDYHAU) survey questions.

The various ways to ask HDYHAU

Utilizing these insights properly could be the key to various facets of your business such as your marketing efforts. They can improve your customer's buying experience, customer journey, and so on.

There are a few ways that such actionable insights can be collected. This includes email or text blasts, asking in-store, or integrating a post-purchase or attribution survey directly into your eCommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Email or text blasts

One way to get the question across to your consumer would be the most direct option of them all—mass-sending the survey to your consumers through email or text blasts.

This can be done by typing the contact information of your various consumers. Alternatively, engage the services of platforms such as Hubspot and Yotpo.

This method has been successfully implemented by many large businesses before. It has the potential to give you critical insights to use.

However, there are certain limitations to this. This method works on the basis that you already have the contact information of your customers. As such, it would not work for smaller businesses with limited contacts.

Not only that, these blasts tend to have lower response rates than other survey methods because it provides no value to your customer and that point in time. As such, they would not be inclined to open the email, much less respond.

Asking in-store

While we live in a digital age, brick and mortar stores still hold a strong presence in the commerce industry. They remain a key source of sales for many businesses.

If that applies to your business, having sales staff ask HDYHAU to your customers post-purchase would be a very effective and accurate way of gathering insights.

The added benefit of this is it all takes place in real life. Customers might be more inclined to answer due to the social context as compared to online. This may make it easier to get immediate purchase feedback.

The main drawback of this is how labor-intensive it is, having your sales staff or you to key in every answer one by one. While this may work to a certain extent depending on how many employees your business has or how much you are willing to spend, it will still be difficult to gather large amounts of attribution data.

Post-purchase surveys on eCommerce platforms

Services such as post-purchase surveys are a seamless way to ask HDYHAU to your consumers upon checkout. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, like Fairing, is able to integrate into your ecommerce store to quickly have your customers answer some of your questions before they receive their shipping order.

Given its strategic placement, the businesses that use such a survey also enjoy as much as a 60% response rate which provides the much needed survey results. It is able to tap onto your consumer when they are in the best frame of mind to answer your query, getting immediate feedback. Additionally, the seamless user experience makes it a quick and easy process for them.

This method is an answer to the flaws mentioned for email and text blasts as well as in-store, as it guarantees high response rates from your customers, while potentially gathering deeper actionable insights.

Integrating the survey into your eCommerce platform

There are various approaches to incorporating post-purchase surveys, and your eCommerce platforms have made it simpler than ever to do so. By leveraging platforms like Fairing, it provides the most seamless integration for online stores.

This blog will explore the steps to integrating HDYHAU survey questions and PPS into your eCommerce stores, the challenges involved, and the advantages of utilizing Fairing as a PPS provider to enhance customer understanding and drive informed decision-making in eCommerce businesses.

While trying to integrate software to your eCommerce store may sound daunting, especially to those not particularly tech savvy, this process has never been easier. We can break down the integration process, with a focus on Shopify and Woocommerce.


For Shopify, all you need to do is head to your ‘Home’ page and click on ‘Apps’ in the sidebar's bottom. From there, your search bar will be opened and you can search for your application of choice, in this case “Fairing” or “Post-purchase surveys”.

Once at that page, click into Fairing, and then “install”, which will now take you back to your Shopify Homepage where you will once again need to click “install” upon reading the terms and conditions. For more information about Shopify integration, click here.


As for adding HDYHAU to WooCommerce, given the WordPress nature of the platform, integration is different to Shopify.

For this, you will need to be able to run custom PHP code and the easiest way to do this is to download a plugin, and we will use the free plugin called Code Snippets. For more detailed information about code integration into your WooCommerce store, click on the following link here.

Setting up questions in your post-purchase survey

Now that you have the survey in place, the next step is to set-up your HDYHAU survey questions or any other questions your business may want to ask. For most SaaS solutions, the process should be seamless and that is the case for Fairing as well.

Fairing's Question Stream

Under our Question Stream, this is where you can view your list of questions in your attribution survey. This is inclusive of both active and inactive ones. Treat this as your storage for all questions you have implemented before or are currently implementing.

This is where you can include questions such as “How did you hear about us?” or “Where did you hear about our business?” to gather consumer insights on which marketing tools have been working for you.

You will be able to test out the survey through the application as well by providing sample answers and options, and viewing them in your live feed. This presents several key benefits such as updated attribution data, and being able to conduct A/B testing to see what works best.

Fairing's Question Bank

Another key feature in platforms like Fairing is pages like Question Bank, which is essentially an integrated pool of questions, to help you craft your surveys.

These questions have been reviewed by a survey methodologist for accuracy and are written to reduce bias, and have all been proven to be effective in their own right. Questions such as HDYHAU will fall under ‘attribution’, along with numerous others included in the Question Bank.

Follow-up questions or Response Clarification

What we’ve covered so far are the tools provided by platforms like Fairing to take your surveys to the next level and increase the depth of your survey data. Use follow-up questions to get more precise answers.

When asking questions like HDYHAU, in your Question Stream and under each response, you can select from a variety of follow-up question forms to ask your consumer: Single Response , Multi Response , Open-Ended , Date or Auto Suggest.

With this, if for example your consumers answer that they heard about your business through “Influencers”, you now have the capability to inquire “Which one?” or “On what platform?” so as to guide your next marketing campaign.

Collecting and analyzing your qualitative data

Moving on to the most critical part of the process, here’s how you can leverage onto the data that you’ve painstakingly collected.

In the Fairing application, you’ll be able to view answers from your consumers in the Live Feed. As the name suggests, it provides an updated view of all the answers your consumers have provided.

In the top right corner, there is also a drop-down menu option that displays the questions you had asked in your post-purchase survey to give you the option of filtering answers based on the questions as well.

Clicking into the ‘Customers’ portion of the Fairing page, this is where data consensually provided by your consumers is collected which includes their customer ID and email addresses. This is another beauty to HDYHAU surveys and survey questions given its zero-party data nature. The data is always provided by the consumer and ensures that no privacy or security regulations are compromised.

While the zero-party data collected may seem to be unorganized right now, this is where integrations between platforms like Fairing and analytics tools or display their utmost importance.

Integrations with analytics tools

For Fairing, the results can be integrated with the likes of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Sheets, Klaviyo, or Rockerbox. By integrating it with these platforms, it will help make the data easier to clean and manipulate, and can be easily referred to or used for your analysis moving forward.

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