Elevating your eCommerce Business with How Did You Hear About Us

by Bryan Teo

Elevating Your eCommerce Business With HDYHAU

In the ever-expanding realm of eCommerce—data is king. With the proliferation of online platforms and tools, the internet has become a treasure trove of data. It now offers a wealth of information to eCommerce merchants.

This data, or specifically marketing data, includes the like of website traffic analytics and sales performance metrics. This abundance of numbers provides actionable insights into customer behavior and market trends.

However, amidst this sea of quantitative data, there exists a powerful yet often overlooked tool that offers a different depth to data analysis: How Did You Hear About Us (HDYHAU) surveys.

These simple inquiries are strategically placed in tools such as post purchase surveys (PPS). They have emerged as valuable assets in the realm of marketing attribution. They offer qualitative insights that complement the quantitative metrics gathered from eCommerce platforms.

As we delve into the significance of HDYHAU survey responses and their role in attribution surveys, we uncover the unique perspective the responses bring to the table. They are able to enhance the depth and breadth of data analysis in eCommerce.

The opportunities that HDYHAU insights present you

We’ve spoken about how a HDYHAU attribution survey can be the guiding light for your eCommerce business growth. They offer your business both qualitative and quantitative data. They also provide important insights to help fill in your attribution models and guide your marketing. Let us now go deeper into how you can use the data to actually experience its impact.

The survey questions are vital and beneficial for 2 main reasons: they provide qualitative and quantitative insight into your data, and they can help optimize your marketing and sales.

A qualitative perspective to your quantitative data

First, let’s cover how they can provide qualitative insight into your data. Incorporating qualitative insights from zero-party data into the analysis of quantitative data from platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce can revolutionize how you understand your customers.

You can cross-refer direct feedback and preferences obtained through zero-party data with the numerical metrics provided by analytics platforms. In doing so, businesses will be able to access so much more. This includes creating a more comprehensive customer profile, better see the conversion path, or get an understanding of which efforts in a multi-channel campaign are working.

Taking Shopify's metrics like conversion rates and average order value (AOV), HDYHAU insights can help to uncover the underlying motivations behind customer behavior or their specific product preferences.

Not only that, this is one of the easiest qualitative data collection methods. It can integrate into your consumer's buying journey easily.

For example, a business could be experiencing higher than usual conversion rates for the month. From their HDYHAU insights, they find that in this period a lot of their customers heard about the brand from “social media influencers”.

By doing simple qualitative data analysis, merchants can derive that an influencer marketing campaign they implemented has been working. Or maybe, an unsponsored influencer really enjoys their product—and should be sent a press kit.

This provides merchants with a clearer sign of their target customer's journey and behaviors. If they were to do quantitative analysis alone, it would be theoretical and filled with trial-and-error rather than data-driven.

Optimizing your sales and marketing

The second benefit from these insights is its ability to help you optimize your marketing and sales efforts.

Tallying qualitative insights with quantitative data will enable your businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and pain points. This can lead to more targeted marketing strategies, personalized product offerings, and an enhanced purchase experience.

This approach to data analysis empowers eCommerce businesses to make informed decisions. These decisions will be catered to their audience and hopefully drive long-term success. These effects was evident in our work with Füm, a product that helps people quit smoking and vaping naturally.

Not only that, businesses will also get a clearer picture of their offline referrals, an area that is difficult to attribute. With HDYHAU surveys, you could find out that your business is marketed well through word-of-mouth and referrals, which you can’t explicitly work toward.

Possessing this information will help you understand your marketing attribution and can help save resources on other marketing efforts.

Examples of how "How Did You Hear About Us" insights impacted a business

Such positive impacts have been evident before such as with Weezie, a luxury towel brand. They were looking to make sure their investment in creating a quality brand experience was worthwhile. They had the numbers, but had a clear gap in qualitative analysis.

They had been performing well in their numbers, but now wanted to further optimize their spending on the right marketing channels and strategy. By integrating Fairing’s PPS into their store and performing qualitative data analysis, they managed to attribute around 35% percent of their business to word-of-mouth referrals.

They now had concrete knowledge that all their brand efforts have paid off to create a well-referred brand. This allowed them to optimize their 7-figure advertising expenditure and streamline their marketing stack.


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