Introducing the Last Click Reporting in Fairing

by Isaac Lee

Introducing the Last Click Reporting in Fairing


At Fairing, we're dedicated to refining the analytics landscape for e-commerce businesses, making data more accessible and actionable. Our history of innovative feature launches, available across all Fairing tiers, demonstrates our commitment to helping merchants thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace. Today, we're excited to introduce our latest development: the Last Click Report.

The Challenge of Dark Traffic

In the digital marketing world, 'dark traffic' refers to visitors to a site that analytics software cannot track to a source. This occurs when a source is labeled as "direct/none," leaving marketers in the dark about the true origin of their traffic and hindering their strategy. Shopify merchants, in particular, struggle with this issue, as last-click attribution models often fail to reveal the complete journey that leads customers to their stores.

What is the Dark Attribution Report?

The Dark Attribution Report is a revolutionary feature within the Fairing analytics suite designed to illuminate the hidden corners of your traffic sources. By comparing last-click data from Shopify with how customers report their discovery of your store ("How did you hear about us?" survey responses), this tool provides a clearer picture of your marketing effectiveness. This direct comparison helps reclassify the ambiguous "direct/none" traffic, attributing it to specific sources based on customer feedback.

Key Benefits

For Shopify merchants, particularly those on Shopify Plus, the Dark Attribution Report brings several transformative benefits:

  • Understanding Traffic Origins: Identify the true sources behind "direct/none" conversions, uncovering previously hidden data, crucial for accurate marketing assessments.
  • New Marketing Opportunities: Discover potential new channels and partners for referral traffic. This opens up opportunities for targeted campaigns and collaborations, allowing for strategic expansion of marketing efforts.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Enhance your overall marketing strategy with refined, data-driven insights, leading to more effective and efficient marketing allocations.
  • Monitor and Reduce Dark Traffic: Keep tabs on the share of dark traffic over time. This monitoring allows you to take actions to reduce this number through improved tracking methods and strategic partnerships, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing funnel.

Unique Features

What sets the Dark Attribution Report apart from other analytics tools is its ability to simplify the complex. Instead of guessing where unattributed traffic comes from, you now have a reliable method to reassign it based on direct customer insights. This feature not only boosts the accuracy of your analytics but also enhances the transparency of your marketing funnel.


Accessing the Dark Attribution Report is straightforward. Available now for all Fairing customers at no extra cost, you can find this feature in the Insights tab of your reports. Implementing this tool into your analytics practice is easy and integrates seamlessly with your existing Fairing setup.


The Dark Attribution Report is more than just an analytics tool; it's a potential game-changer for your business. By providing clarity on where your traffic comes from, it empowers you to make more informed decisions, optimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing conversion opportunities. Don't let dark traffic shadow your achievements. Light up your analytics with Fairing's Dark Attribution Report and take control of your data today.

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