Work with us.

Fairing was named “the last Shopify app we’d uninstall” in a top-20 VC firm’s internal survey of their portfolio DTC brands.

Our mission is to operationalize direct-from-consumer data by becoming an always-on utility provider for customer insights.

We bring speed & scale to survey data, generating more responses in a week than many leading consumer insights tools generate in a year.

Our team is ex-Ecommerce, Google, Better, Segment, Nielsen, and more. Backed by world-class investors (learn more about our $4.5MM raise in TechCrunch), we’re pursuing nimble and sustainable growth on the cusp of a customer relationship revolution.

How we work

As a team, we aim to operate on the following principles:

  1. Stand behind your work

    When obstacles present themselves, take ownership for making progress resourcefully.

  2. Practice radical transparency

    If you can’t share a piece of information in confidence, you should be able to share your reasoning in confidence.

  3. Give more than you take

    Assume the best in your coworkers, and hold leadership accountable to ensuring those assumptions are safe.

  4. Commit to documentation

    Written communication is a contract that ensures shared perspectives and clarity in accountability.

Get in touch

Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll follow up. If you don’t see a role that’s perfect for you, we’d still love to chat with anyone who brings diversity of culture and thought to the team.