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#1 How did you hear about us tool

#1 Tool for post purchase attribution with 50%+ response rate. Solve marketing attribution mysteries with a HDYHAU survey.

What’s an “always on” data stream?

Fairing delivers over a million surveys a week, routing responses to marketing automation platforms and analytics tools. Consumer insights on autopilot.

Post-Purchase Data

Why post-purchase surveys? Because they align responses with measurable behavior. Fairing appends transaction & traffic data to each consumer response, so you can connect what happened with why it happened.

API Integration

Whether it’s an attribution platform, ESP, BI analytics tool, or data warehouse, Fairing’s API upskills these best-in-class commerce products by delivering your proprietary data to the optimal destination. And, new integrations are constantly rolling in.

ecommerce integrations

Targeting Audiences

Since each question in your stream is appended with transaction & traffic data, targeting specific questions in context of the customer journey can reveal the right insight at the right time. It’s all part of learning how to talk to your customers.

Question rules for selecting which customer types to target

Democratized Data

You don’t need to be a data scientist or engineer to get utility from direct-from-consumer data — the insights are staring right at you (no matter who you are in the organization). Brands love Fairing because anyone can watch & learn from the data.

how did you first hear about us? TikTok, Instagram, Podcast, From a Friend

Why Fairing? Because there are data mysteries only your customers can reveal

Brands typically see a 20% improvement in attribution data the moment they launch our post-purchase survey.
Give your customers a path to self-segmentation for literally any audience criteria you can dream up.
Listen & learn from your shoppers to optimize PDP design, streamline checkout flow, narrow down messaging, and more.

Fairing operationalizes the collection of an application of zero-party data.

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One-click install, or custom integration? Fairing works anywhere

Get a Question Stream set up in minutes, and start routing post-purchase survey data to your marketing stack for immediate action.

Integrated to upskill your marketing stack

Fairing is designed to operationalize survey data: send it wherever you need it, using our custom-built integrations, partner workflows, or API requests.

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Ryan John Binny

CEO, Founder

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Ryan John Binny

CEO, Founder

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Ryan John Binny

CEO, Founder -

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Ryan Pamplin

Co-Founder & CEO

There is literally no other way I’m aware of to truly understand the impact of TikTok other than to ask your customers at checkout.

Jack DeFuria

Fairing’s data enriches our customer-level marketing initiatives and operational insights in a way nothing else can.

Lindsey Johnson

Our question analytics dashboard is our source of truth for all of our marketing endeavors. We'd be lost without it.

Adam McNeil

VP, Marketing

I cannot live without Fairing. Customers are not always going to remember a coupon code or click your link, so this acts as a last chance to gather data. This compared to bottom-of-funnel analytics, shows a big gap.

David Kovalevski

I check this app on a daily basis! It gives us so much information about our customer acquisition efforts, provide customer feedback and more intel that helps us to allocate the right budget to the right sales channel.

As an online brand, we spend money on different marketing platforms and can't always track 1-to-1 outcome.