New Integration: Increase Your Conversion Rate And AOV With CartHook

Your site’s conversion rate is a metric some would argue is the holy grail of ecommerce KPIs. The higher your conversion rate, the more efficient your website is. The practice of conversion rate optimization or "CRO" entails going through a site’s UX and optimizing various components or messaging to increase the odds that a user converts into a customer.

A great place to start is verifying that your brand’s and products’ key value propositions are front and center. Do you offer free shipping? Make sure that's visible on your product detail pages (PDPs). Do you offer free returns? Again, showing this to users as they add products to their cart and checkout will only help your odds of that user converting into a customer.

Until you have enough traffic (arguably around 250k visitors per month), it's best to focus on increasing clarity of value propositions and trust vs optimizing aesthetics (imagery, button colors, etc). The latter will be much harder to achieve any statistical significance until you have the volume.

One of the most important steps in your customers' journey to optimize is the cart. Unfortunately, Shopify has their cart on lockdown. With over 1 million merchants, it makes perfect sense that they'd want to disallow much customization onto the page that many would argue matters most.

This is where CartHook comes in.

CartHook allows you to fully customize your checkout flow, way beyond what Shopify offers (even for Shopify merchants on Plus who have access to their cart.liquid file). You can easily add improved messaging, payment logos, and more directly to the page where users are entering their shipping and payment information.

Another important feature CartHook offers is post-purchase up-sells. This feature allows you to offer one-click sell-ups to customers immediately after they’ve placed their order––a great feature if you’re looking to increase your site’s average order value (AOV). Native deodorant does an incredible job at this. After you purchase an item, they allow you to add smaller tester items to your cart for a nominal fee. This additional item increased my order value from $30 to $33 –– a 10% increase.

Fairing CartHook Integration

The Fairing CartHook integration allows you to easily add your Fairing survey onto your CartHook order confirmation page. After a customer goes through your CartHook checkout flow and up-sells, we display your survey front and center on the order confirmation page. You can even customize your survey by adding custom CSS.

After you’ve set your survey live, you can view your responses by source on your Fairing analytics page.

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