Fairing Named Among The 14 Retail Tech Startups Set To Soar In 2023

We're ecstatic to be named in Business Insider as one of the 14 retail tech startups that will soar in 2023, according to venture capital investors. From the article, as nominated by True Ventures cofounder and managing partner Jon Callaghan:

Fairing designed its survey tools to help brands selling on Shopify and other e-commerce platforms collect data about their customers. Its users include Allbirds, Skims, Bite, and Caraway.

"The best e-commerce brands understand the immense opportunity for deep intelligence about their customers on their own channels," Callaghan said. "The data Fairing gathers around attribution, what other brands' customers are shopping, and who they're shopping for is all powering the future of retail."

Matt Bahr, a cofounder and the CEO of Fairing, said he sees customers using Fairing data to make "capital-efficient growth decisions" and expand beyond traditional e-commerce channels amid an uncertain economic climate.

"Traditional commerce is grasping for that kind of maneuverability," he said.

Read the full article here on Business Insider.

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