When To Start Diversifying Your Media Spend

For an entire generation of Ecommerce marketers, growth was about as complicated as making a mimosa. Buy the champagne, buy the orange juice, and mix to taste. A formula anyone could get drunk on.

But for brands attempting to scale beyond ~$10MM revenues, the coming years will require a more complex concoction of marketing techniques. From any perspective -- be it conversion rate, ROAS, or LTV:CAC ratio -- it's becoming clear that Facebook and Google alone can't take you where you need to go.

While that's not an easy pill to swallow, it’s a vital one. Brand-building and marketing mix go hand-in-hand; defining your value to customers, your relationship with them, your shared identity... surely that's a more artful and sustainable path than bumping up your CPMs, yes?

The good news is, the world offers marketers more inventory and opportunity than ever. DTC brands in search of diversity (or, under the gun from investors to achieve it) are flocking to podcasts & radio, emerging social, OOH, live events, publicity stunts, and everything in between. And that's when it hits you: relying on platforms to attribute their own success won't suffice for such a sophisticated blend of spend.

In future posts, we'll dive into some of the innovative channels that have delivered impact for our customers, based on anonymized Fairing survey metadata -- and in those posts, we'll show you when, why, and how to diversify your media spend effectively. To keep your ear to the ground, connect with us on Twitter. Already get the picture? Schedule a demo with us.

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