Announcing The Question Authority Podcast

One of our more ambitious goals at Fairing is to get DTC brands to stop renting their customer relationships through ad platforms -- to embrace the mutual benefit of a healthy value exchange built on Direct-From-Consumer marketing.

To do that (and to take the high road on consumer privacy), brands need to build conversational data streams… but all customer conversations start with questions, so knowing how, when, and why to ask them is crucial. Frankly, it’s a lost art in the modern world of marketing.

Then it dawned on us: our team talks with super-smart market researchers all the time, so why not turn those chats into a podcast our clients can learn from? That’s exactly what we’ve done with Question Authority: a podcast where marketing experts teach brands about the art & science of questions.

It’s a quick-hitting podcast that gets right to the insights, and we’re excited to share our first three guests below. Get a taste for it with our trailer episode, or subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts. And of course, let us know who and what you want to hear next!

Ethnography with Allison Braund-Harris: Allison talks about the importance of meeting the customer where they are -- which in her case, happened to be their showers. Find out how getting creative with your questions can lead to groundbreaking customer insights.

Offline Attribution & Podcast Metrics with Krystina Rubino: Right Side Up’s Head of Offline Marketing lays out tried & true approaches to getting ROI from your offline campaigns. This episode is essential listening for any brand looking to launch podcast ads.

Survey Research with Sam McNerney: Sam brings his fresh perspectives on survey research to the pod. As mentioned in his e-book, Tell Them A Story, he paints a picture of survey design that focuses on stories and engagements, gracefully breaking the rules of classic surveying.

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