Maximize Customer Insights with Fairing's New LTV Analytics Add-On

by Isaac Lee

Maximize Customer Insights with Fairing's New LTV Analytics Add-On

At Fairing, we understand the challenges our customers face in trying to connect their survey response data to meaningful business outcomes. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our new LTV (Lifetime Value) Analytics add-on. This powerful new add-on to Question Stream™ enables you to compare survey responses directly to customer lifetime value, providing deeper insights into the impact of your marketing and product decisions.

Uncovering the Hidden Potential of Your Data

We know that data is only as good as the insights it provides. LTV Reporting allows you to see beyond surface-level responses by comparing them to individual order totals. This reveals how different segments of your customer base contribute to long-term revenue. By ingesting all order data from merchants, we've made it possible to correlate survey responses with actual long-term spending behavior.

Simplifying a Complex Process

Ingesting and analyzing order data to extract meaningful insights is not a simple task—various e-commerce analytics startups have found success in attempting to solve this problem.

When asked about LTV before, we shared an arduous document that involved exporting your entire Shopify order history, multiple VLOOKUPs, and complex formulas.

LTV Analytics takes away all the hassle.

Our new data science team has built sophisticated checks and balances to ensure accuracy and reliability, so you can trust the data you’re seeing, while making it easier for you to gain these valuable insights.

Why LTV Reporting in Fairing Matters

Make Data-Driven Decisions: Understand which customer cohorts are the most valuable, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies for maximum ROI.

Enhance Customer Retention: Identify patterns in customer behavior to implement effective retention strategies that keep your most valuable customers coming back.

Improve Cohort Profitability: Improve your cohort-based CAC to LTV ratio by understanding which channels drive the most long-term revenue.

Attribution and Measurement: The Core of Fairing

While we capture response data for multiple use cases, attribution and measurement remain our primary focus. Unlike top-down approaches like MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) or incrementality testing, which do not allow for granular channel-level LTV reporting, Fairing’s bottom-up approach provides precise insights into how each channel contributes to lifetime value, allowing you to accurately measure and optimize your marketing efforts.

Beyond Attribution: Powerful Analytics at Your Fingertips

LTV Reporting is integrated seamlessly into the Fairing dashboard, making it easy to access and interpret your data. With intuitive visualizations and detailed reports, you can quickly understand the lifetime value of your customers and how different factors influence them. Today, you can analyze LTV against How did you hear about us? attribution responses, but soon, you’ll also be able to split your cohort LTVs by demographic and psychographic data, and more.

Females who discover us via Snap are our best performing customer segment over 12 months” is a powerful insight that other methods of calculating LTV simply cannot provide now.

Get Started Today

LTV Analytics is available via waitlist in your Fairing account. When it’s your turn, Fairing’s Customer Success team will provide access to LTV Analytics in your account and reach out to you to provide the necessary permissions. Your LTV reports will be available within 24 hours, and will be updated daily thereafter.

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